Chair Massage

Employee Wellness

Whether you're establishing a wellness program or creating a special event, our chair massage services are the perfect addition. We love seeing the smiles of our clients as they sit down for their massage. We love even more when they come in feeling weary from the demands of work and leave excited and ready to conquer the day.


Chair Massage FAQs

How is the price calculated?

Base Charge: We take the number of clients multiplied by the length of each session to calculate the hands on time. These prices cover work breaks the therapist schedules to takes.

$85 = 60 minutes

$120 = 90 minutes

$150 = 120 minutes

Every 15 minutes over 2 hours will be an additional $12.50

Example: 10 people getting 15 minute sessions. 10x15=150 minutes. 150 minutes = 120+30 minutes. $150+$30=$180 Base Charge.

Possible Additional Fees:

Parking- This varies with duration of stay and local prices. Please let us know if you have parking available. ( To Date this has never been more than $10 ) 

Scheduled Downtime: Downtime is defined as time the therapist is on the site and is not working on a client, preparing the chair, taking a work/lunch break, setting up their station, or packing up. An example is a team meeting. We know business does not stop for us and we don't want you to have to jump through hoops making massage sessions work. We also, try to plan work breaks to coordinate with needed downtime.     

What do I, the client, need to provide?

Work Space: 6ftx6ft space is preferred, but we've worked in smaller areas. We've worked in calm quite spare offices, convention centers, and bustling loud break rooms with employees heckling their coworkers. Chair massage is very forgiving.

Schedule: We are working on getting a HIPPA compliant online scheduler. Until then, we can send you a sign up sheet a few day beforehand to fill out. We need you to be in charge of making sure people are were they need to be when they need to be there.         

How to schedule a session?

Follow the link below and send your information.