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Chair Massage

Employee Wellness

Whether you're establishing a wellness program or creating a special event, our chair massage services are the perfect addition. We love seeing the smiles of our clients as they sit down for their massage. We love even more when they come in feeling weary from the demands of work and leave excited and ready to conquer the day.

Chair Massage: Text

Chair Massage FAQs

How is the price calculated?

Price Calculator

$70 = 60 minutes

$95 = 90 minutes

$120 = 120 minutes

Every 15 minutes over 2 hours will be an additional $12.50 ($50/Hr)

Example: A session from 10:30am-1:45pm = $205.50

Additional Costs (If Applicable):

Parking- This varies with duration of stay and local prices. Please let us know if you have parking available. ( To Date this has never been more than $10 ) 


What types of business do you service: I've worked in law offices, dental labs, auto shops, noisy break rooms, convention halls, and more. Blue and white collar a like and starting as small as two people operations. Your business is probably good to go.

What is your travel area:

Cheney to Liberty Lake 

Do we charge a gratuity: No. We appreciate tips and take them, but they are not an obligatory aspect of payment.   

How do you accept payment:

Check, Debit/Credit cards, PayPal, Cash, and Venmo. (Please let us know in advance if you'd prefer a physical receipt to digital)   



How to schedule a session or get more information?

Follow the preferred link below

Chair Massage: Schedule
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